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Thursday, December 29, 2005

~~~Angels and Fairy Portraits~~~~

Welcome to my new website, Angels and Fairy people!
This is where you can become a fairy or angel with the touch of
an artists hand.
My name is Emily and I can transform a well lit photograph into
a beautiful Fairy


an Angel!
**Some people wonder what is the difference between Angels and Fairies. This is a matter of taste, but for me Angels have bird like or gossamer (Heavenly) wings and Fairies have soft butterfly or insect (of the Earth) wings.**
Each portrait is an original art piece in itself.
This would make a lovely gift for a birthday or for a unique conversation starter.
Packages are $75 for two 8 by 10 inch Glossies
$100 for two 8 by 10 inch Glossies
10 - 4 by 6 inch glossies
For the portraits, I will need a clear photograph in color. I do not need special lighting or background. There should be no blurring in the features. I work in color right now, but in the future may do black and white and sepia tone.
I use digital photographs only at this time and will have the photograph finished in one-two weeks depending on work load.
Photograph packages will arrive to your home in one to two weeks from the finish date. This process takes about one month to completion.
I accept paypal only at this time. Upon receiving payment, I will start your commission.
Please email me at for more information.
My paypal id is


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